U18w: Gute Besserung Mädchen!

In Bezirk, News, U18 by Kwam Walton

Last weekend the ladies of the MÜNCHEN BASKET U18wBOL team had very hard times against the ladies of München Ost, losing in the end by 29 points(73;44).
We knew that our opponents were strong, they are competing for the title. What we did not expect was their aggressiveness which caused us 3 injuries (of which unfortunately one severe).
The game started off with an extremely quick rhythm. Our opponents were pressing on every single balls and offending almost exclusively with fastbreaks.
For the first minutes, we manage to keep it up thanks to the team-work and good shooting percentages but unfortunately the first injuries occurred and our first playmaker Carmen had to leave the game already during the second quarter. Esthi, from u16w stepped in and did a very good job in bringing the ball and organizing the game but unfortunately it was not enough and we close the halftime with -28 points 🙁   During the second half we did our best, fighting at the best of our possibilities, but we got tired and it was even more difficult to keep up with the very aggressive defense that the ladies from Ost were making.  A combination of bad luck and not optimal condition was the main cause for the other two injuries, one of which will prevent Irene to play for at least a couple of months.
We cannot do anything else than move on and start to prepare the next games! The season is long and we will not lose our enthusiasm to play together.
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