U16w: Unglückliche Niederlage

In Bezirk, News, U16 by Kwam Walton

Today the little ladies of MÜNCHEN BASKET U16w BOL played a very difficult, point-to-point game against Fürstenfeldbruck that was unfortunately lost in the end.
Only seven players, almost none of them in perfect health condition, fought from the beginning until the end of the game.
The first half  war really balanced (32:31): we played as a TEAM with many fast passes and good defense, they dominated at rebounds being taller and bigger than us.
During the third quarter we had a caos moment that costed us a partial of 10 points. The very bad referees and not so fair KG table did not help, but the real cause of the break was simply that the ball refuses to go in although we always managed to let it rotate and bring it to the basket with great motions.
After the third quarter the game seemed to be over, but the little girls and coach Chiara did not give up and came back putting pressure on the opponents and re-catching up with the points, until -3 at 5 minutes from the end…
They felt the pressure and gave the game in the end of their best player, who scored in the end 28 points bringing her team to the victory.

A special mention to Sarah and Rossella who played a great game today 🙂

Anyway, now, after a though start in 2018 we need to keep our heads up and think about our next, very important game.
Next week on Saturday we will meet our competitor for the third place: Rosenheim. We need a victory to bring our mood up!!!
Our hall, our baskets, our FANS… come and cheer for us next Saturday @Dachauerstrasse 98a at 12:15!
Coach Chiara wants to say a HUGE THANKS to the parents, always so supportive and present 🙂
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